Odd things that have happened recently

Lightning bolts

Last Saturday my friend Ilaria and I were sitting in a pub in North London talking about life, religion and God (you know, as you do on a typical Saturday). I was mentioning my lack of belief in a higher power, saying it would probably take an old man with a long white beard to appear suddenly floating around on a cloud in this room for me to start believing in some sort of higher being. At that moment a lightning bolt struck down just outside the pub. I’ve never seen a lightning strike up close like that before. It looked like someone had pointed mega-strong floodlights against the window. It smelt a bit burned (but perhaps I just imagined that). The timing was pretty epic. I still don’t believe in a higher power.


I’m getting very excited about photography again, especially shooting film on my old Nikon f2. I’ve even signed up for a dark room induction course next month. I’ve been reading about old cameras trying to figure out what Diane Arbus and Sally Mann was/is using. Arbus apparently had a Rolleiflex and Mann is shooting with heavy old large format cameras.

The best thing about this is that it’s all about the fun. I don’t have a goal, I don’t have to be the best photographer ever. I just want to play around and take lots of pictures. Some of them might even end up here.

The UK economy is recovering

Can you believe it? Is it true? The BBC says so.

The Mole man of Hackney

Recently I stumbled across the story of the Mole man of Hackney, a retired engineer who spent 40 years digging tunnels underneath his house. In 2006 the council and his neighbours had enough and he had to be relocated to a local hospital while the council filled in the tunnels. Quite an amazing story.

Image by Guillaume.