A day at the fracking protest

On Saturday I took the train down to Balcombe to do a reportage about the protests against fracking in the area. At the weekend 2000 protesters started congregating on a campsite about a mile from the village. Several people were camping along the road leading to the campsite. They’d all come there to stop what they called one of the worst threats to our environment today.


I got slightly lost on the narrow rural lanes.


Luckily I spotted some police and knew I was on the right track.


The protestors were all very polite and media savvy. After having chatted to them I walked back to Balcombe to talk to some locals. You can’t find many places which seem more like a typical sleepy English village. The town centre had a tearoom, a pub, a hairdresser and a corner shop. That seemed to be pretty much it.


Most locals didn’t want to talk. They seemed to be tired of both media and activists. “I support fracking now” one woman said when I asked her what she thought. Although some townspeople were clearly against fracking and thought the demonstrators were doing a good thing supporting the village.

All in all it was an interesting day. I love getting out and about talking to people, seeing things for myself.