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About Lotta

Charlotta Buxton

Hello my name is Lotta

I’m a journalist and writer in London.

I’m originally from Finland and grew up in a small coastal town halfway between Helsinki and the arctic circle. I’m a Swedish speaking Finn, which means I’m part of language minority. We’re sort of like the Welsh or the French Canadians, but there are a lot fewer of us.

Before my life in London I was working as a TV reporter in Helsinki, dreaming about moving to the UK. In 2009 I finally packed my suitcase and left.

I work as a journalist, for Swedish daily newspaper Svenska Dagbladet and other media Finland and Sweden. You can find out more about work as a journalist and links to recent articles in my portfolio. I also write other bits and pieces of fiction and non-fiction in Swedish and in English. I’m a bit of a history and folklore geek and like to focus on those subjects in my writing.

My husband Gerry and I live in South East London.

My first book “Det finns inga britter” was published by Finland Swedish publisher Schildts&Söderström in 2013. My short-story “The Secrets of Ice” was shortlisted for the Bridport Prize in 2015.

Get in touch

My email is charlottabuxton @

Photo by Anne Redmond.


Jonna says:

Tittade in här. Blir lite avis på allt det här Londonlivet 🙂

lotta says:

Hej Jonna! Och jag fick lite hemlängtan till Helsingforslivet då jag kom på besök. Gräset är alltid grönare 🙂

gLuca says:

Hello Lotta,
my name is Gianluca, Italian musician and English teacher.
I was looking for John Bauer’s stuff and I came across your blog, reason why I’m writing this message 🙂
Inspired (hope so), I wrote ten songs collected in my latest EP called
John Bauer – Riddaren RIder
here the link if you’re interested to have a listen or a free download. Any feedback is precious.
Thank You

Hi Lotta, I just found you on Pinterest. Someone pinned your guide to moving to London. I have a successful blog about the UK called Smitten by Britain. I often invite people to guest blog and I would like to extend that invitation to you as a way to promote your London guide. If you’re interested, please email me at smittenbybritain at hotmail dot com. You can find my blog here:

By the way, I also suffer from panic attacks and I enjoyed your post on fear. Have added the book you suggested to my Kindle reading list.



Lotta says:

Hey Melissa. Nice to meet you. I really like the fact that you write about Britophiles instead of anglophiles. I’d be happy to do a guest post. Can you email me at charlottabuxton @ with some more details? Thanks!

Dear Lotta, Id like to move to london but don’t know how to get it right now. Might u please help me? Kind regards from Franconia, Tonia

Therese says:

Hej Lotta!
Har bott i London sen 2010 och har länge velat börja med freelance jobb!

Har en jobb ide som har med ditt inlägg om flytt till London att göra och tänkte om du kanske skulle vilja diskutera att slå ihop våra huvuden? 🙂


Lotta says:

Hej Therese. Maila mig på charlottabuxton @

Hi Lotta,

I’m one of the founders of thinking bob; a rapidly expanding smart socialising club. we believe we can offer your lovely readers access to a community where by those moving to London can instantly build themselves a new social circle of like minded people and make friends whilst discovering London. We believe this is a great help you can introduce your readers to by helping them move and settle in to London. Rebecca (CEO) when on returning to London she realised how hard is was to make a new social circle.

Please take a look and give me a call 07949764006.


Tanja says:

great blog!

Lotta says:

Thank you Tanja!

Helena says:

Mieletöntä! Kuin olisin lukenut omia ajatuksiani muutosta Lontooseen. 30 ja kaiken aloitan siellä hetken kuluttua alusta. En tiedä onko tälle tunteelle edes nimeä. 😀 Toivottavasti mulle käy yhtä hyvin. 🙂 Kiva blogi!

Anna Watkins says:

I Love your blog! I’m another finlandssvensk here in the UK, with same worries about brexit, being a freelancer, British husband, mortage, etc. Hope the bedbugs are gone for good, and if you ever end up in sunny Southend, please let me know and I’ll show you around! : )

Lotta says:

Thank you Anna! Good to hear from another finlandssvensk in the UK. Your photography is amazing by the way. If I’m heading to Southend I’ll give you a shout 🙂 x

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