A new beginning

I haven’t blogged in a long time, but I miss this form. A while ago I found my old, old blog, the one I wrote in high school. And I was glad to have some sort of record, a place for the moments and feelings I’ve forgotten. I thought, “what a lovely thing” and decided it might be a good idea to do something like that again.

So here we go.

Will I be a better or a worse writer after all of these years?

Here is who I was:

“Aurilia and I drove to the ocean today, grey sky and stormy, angry waves. We sat on the cliffs, listened to the wind, whispering. Drank tea from plastic cups that warmed our fingers. Then we drove home, twisting roads, I sang along to Abba and tapped my fingers along with the rhythm.

I have a rune painted on my wrist, raidu, it will protect me, bring structure into my life. Soon I will have structure, soon all the stress and work will be over, soon I’m finished, free.”