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New podcast: The crazy tale of teenage mediums in Victorian London

Hi everyone. There’s a new podcast. This episode looks at the life of Florence Cook, a famous teenage medium in Victorian London.

I’ve been reading a lot about the girls who became mediums in the 19th century, why quite a few women suddenly chose this path, why there was a public hunger for séances and how mediumship gave women a voice at the time when they often weren’t allowed to speak in public. The episode is also about sex (and so were the séances according to some writers)

Hope you enjoy this month’s episode.


Amie says:

This was brilliant! I just watched Alias Grace on Netflix which is based on Margaret Atwood’s book. It’s similar to this and is also based on actual events. I haven’t read the book but the show was eerie.

Lotta says:

Thanks Amie!! You know I’ve had Alias Grace in the bookshelf since I was fifteen, but somehow I’ve not managed to read it yet. Think I might need to pick it up now 🙂

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