Life in the big smoke

A roadtrip, a gallery and a country manor

Yesterday Gerry and I drove out to Margate to put up some prints for his up and coming solo show at the Margate Gallery. We’ve been to this seaside town before. It’s a strange mix of shabby and chic. Run down shops along tired streets with small, trendy boutiques and cafés thrown into the mix. Everything is cheap and there seems to be so much potential in this place, but then we hear about shops closing and there are people in the pubs early on Monday afternoons and some of the town just seems very rundown. But every time we go out there’s a new shop or a new café. It can be a charming town (in its own way), even on a cold November day.




It was a grey and rainy day, but I got to spend some time by the sea so the weather didn’t matter that much.




We spent the afternoon putting up prints for the show, aided by plenty of coffee and sugar.






Earlier we had stumbled across an old style sweet shop. I normally don’t eat much candy, but the last few busy weeks have made it quite difficult not to rely on coffee and sugar for that extra push. It’ll probably be like this until Christmas.



Mmmmm… lemon sherbets, a new found love.



We finished late in the evening and spent the night outside of Cantebury, in Howfield Manor, where we got to sleep in a four poster bed(!). The place was cute, but slightly odd in the way small hotels can sometimes be a bit offbeat. We had dinner in an almost empty restaurant and plotted future travels.


I didn’t sleep lots because I had to wake up at five in the morning to be live on Finnish radio. But we had some strong coffee with a full English before the drive back to London. And here I am back in the studio, eating left over candy and wondering when the sugar crash will hit me.


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