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A quick update and some photos from Perranporth, Cornwall

Hi everyone, sorry it’s been a bit quiet here lately. I’ve been feeling slightly under the weather and have spent the week trying to centre my chi. Last Monday Gerry went off on a stag do and I had the flat all to myself for a couple of days, which is pretty rare. I’ve spent most of the week editing stories, finding people to interview and binging on detective stories. Perhaps it’s no wonder my head feels a bit mushy.

Tomorrow Gerry and I are heading north for the wedding, which follows the previously mentioned stag to. Even though I’ve only been back in London for a couple of weeks since my last trip I’m looking forward to getting away again, seeing friends and new sights.


A couple of weekends ago I travelled out west with my friend Ilaria. She was going surfing and I joined her to spend two days writing by the sea. I had thought it would be very Agatha Christie-esque with old cottages, lots of tea drinking and people wearing white trousers. Instead Perranporth in Cornwall reminded me a bit of a ski resort, but for surfers. I didn’t mind though because the sea was stunning and exhausting at the same time.


beach perranporth



Ilaria surfed and climbed rocks, I felt like a bit of a wimp, walking around trying to shield my camera from unexpected dangers. I did spot some strange things around town though.

lots of dogs

A man with many dogs.


A hidden skeleton.

creepy doll

A creepy doll in the Bed and Breakfast.


Faces everywhere.


There was also this fantastic swimming pool hidden behind a huge rock. We walked out there when the tide was out and then, a couple of hours later, the sea rolled back in.

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