Life in the big smoke

A sneak peek at our Scottish adventures

I miss this place.

So here we are, back in the studio. I’m overly caffeinated and still tried, but it’s OK. That’s what happens when you get up at around five in the morning for about a week to travel all over Scotland.

On Saturday we finally journeyed back to London from Malvern where Gerry’s parents live. We got up early to get the train at six in the morning so Gerry could get back in time to trade at Spitalfields. Somewhere outside Chipping Norton the train stopped. We were both fast asleep at that point. After about thirty minutes the announcements on the train started seeping through into my sleep. It quickly became clear we were going to be stuck for a while because someone had stolen a piece of an electrical cable from the track. I was too tired to be too upset or even shocked. And amazingly it only took the rail-company about an hour to fix the problem. But Gerry was late for the market, we were too exhausted to think and took it as a sign to take the day off.


In Scotland we spent a night in the gorgeous Tulloch Castle in the Highlands. It’s haunted and a girl who’s worked at the hotel for ten years took me on a pretty scary tour of the place. She seemed genuinely frightened herself and managed to set my imagination on overdrive. But more about this place at a later stage. First I need to freelance about it before I can write more here.


Tulloch castle scotland

Our last day was spent in Largs, a cute seaside town on the West coast. Gerry’s mum and Granny took us to an Italian place with excellent ice cream.


As we walked back to the shore to get our car Gerry spotted something in the sea and it turned out to be a porpoise. It surfaced around three times and then it was gone. Apparently they are quite a rare sight in that part of Scotland and I was jumping-up-and-down-chuffed to have seen one.



One of the best things about Scotland is that nature’s close by in most places. Even though I grew up in a small town in rural Finland I’ve never seen as much wildlife as I have in Scotland. When Gerry and I first travelled up to visit his family it amazed me that they could point out the Buzzards circling far above the house.

I’ve seen deer in Perthshire, whales, seals and gannets on Orkney. I had no idea wildlife would interest me this much, but I find it more enjoyable and interesting than most things a city has to offer. Perhaps this is another sign of edging ever closer to 30.


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