Life in the big smoke

Well hello there 2014! We’re back in London

Gerry and I are back in London. I’m tired after the flight. It’s my own fault for having too much fun in a cocktail bar perched over a mall in Helsinki with my brother and Gerry the night before we had to take the super early morning flight to London. Today I’ve managed to look at my emails. Tomorrow I’ll start planning.

The best thing about a new year is all the planning you can do at the start of it. January is a month filled with possibilities. Although most of this year is already planned out. Gerry and I decided what we’re going to do all the way back in November before the Christmas madness started. Now it’s all about filling in the dates and plans into a calendar. Which is pretty fun too.

I don’t have much else to say today because really I just want to curl up on the sofa in the studio and play fruit ninja. Although I’ll add that Finland was lovely and relaxing. We spent our days eating well, going for walks and sitting in the sauna. I got addicted to Candy Crush, realised this addiction might ruin my life and started playing Fruit Ninja instead. We also watched the whole first season of Under the Dome and cursed the fact that the next one is only out in the summer.

Gerry and I also took a trip out to Fäboda outside of my hometown. We tried to take some photos of the stars, failed, and decided to lark around and do some light painting instead. It was fun, but cold.





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