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Christmas hiatus and some of the things I’ve learned in December

Soon I’m getting on a plane and flying off to Finland to spend some quality time with my family. I’m looking forward to seeing them, not doing much at all, reading books and playing video games. That’s what Christmas is all about.

December has gone by in a blur. It’s been full of markets, new people, new things and new places. Just the type of month I like really. These are some of the things I’ve learned over the last few weeks.

Selling is fun

I used to be really scared of selling. When I used to meet up with Gerry at a market and he asked me to watch the stall I used to find it almost impossible to walk up to people. Everytime I tried to talk to someone I scared them away. Like dogs they could smell my fear before I even got close to them.

I thought selling was somehow bad. Now I’ve realised it’s just the flip side of what I’ve been doing as a journalist. I get to talk to lots of people, but instead of asking them questions, I’m telling them about a product. And 99 percent of the time they’re happy to talk to me, which in turn makes me happy.

Everything is easier with coffee

Don’t think I need to add much to that one.

Sometimes it’s OK not knowing where you’re going

This is following on from a conversation I had with a friend this morning. The last few years have been the first in my adult life when I’ve not had much of a plan or a goal. I like planning. And when I say planning I mean having a roadmap for the coming ten years with all the exciting things I might be able to do and achieve. It’s not even a roadmap, it’s more of a tree-like structure with lots of branches and twigs and little birds chirping in the canopy. I make really complicated plans for my life.

This is how I’ve lived. And I’ve been pretty good at setting goals and reaching them. Now I’m not so sure of the target or the end goal anymore. Now I’m allowing myself to float a little bit, to be creative, to do different things I would never have imagined myself doing in the past (like selling stuff). And it’s been fun. There is a freedom to it. I’m allowing new and totally random things into my life. Everyone should be doing this (and when I say everyone, I of course mean control freaks like me).

Some Brits are really scared of foreigners

There has been so much talk about Bulgarians and Romanians streaming into the country in their millions next year, coming here to claim the “amazing” British benefits. This is all a lot of scaremongering silliness from certain right-wing media outlets and parties. And I find this to be a particularly annoying outlook. A lot of the people moving here, come to the UK to work and work hard, work in jobs that many Brits think they’re too good for. Some Brits need to take a good look at themselves and their own work ethic before they criticise people moving to a country where there are still jobs left.

And… on a happier note

Creating things and seeing people appreciate them is amazing

This also applies to seeing other people’s creations being appreciated.

The blog probably wont be updated that often over the coming two weeks. So stay well people and see you in January! Have a lovely, lovely holiday season and a happy Christmas!

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