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Hello good people of the internet. I think I might have accidentally stepped back in time. Perhaps it was the over-booked train from Paddington that caused it to happen. Somehow the cumulative pain of old people having to stand in the corridor transported us back in time. We have arrived at some point in the 1930s I suspect. A black taxi picked us up at the train station and rushed us to the old manor. Luckily both Madicken and I were able to bring our laptops and for some strange reason (only known to the time-gods) we also have a pretty good wifi connection.

Other than that we’re being well fed by our hostess who is cooking up a storm every day. There are berries and yoghurt for breakfast. Lovely pots of coffee and (gluten free) toast with jam. For lunch we have big hearty salads and cheese and in the afternoon there is always cake!

But enough about the food. We’re also doing some writing of course. That’s the whole purpose for stepping into this time bubble. I’m re-drafting and so far it’s actually going quite well. But perhaps the time travel has messed with my head. I can’t be too sure.

We also go for walks. There are plenty of animals around here. Madicken’s already made friends with a donkey called Max and a goat called Geoffrey. The donkey is quite sweet, but the goat just looks slightly mental. He seems to be constantly hungry. There are also several sly farm cats, a talkative ginger cat and lots of ducks, chickens and a rooster waking us up in the morning.

I’ve taken more photos, but I think I’ll save them for another day. I’ll leave you with a shot of a part of my manuscript resting peacefully on the windowsill. Tomorrow I will leave it to one side and indulge in some science fiction writing. Oh I like it here in the past I think.


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