Finnish photography

I’ve been quite fascinated by Finnish art lately and started googling Finnish photographers. There is a lot of visual inspiration out there online.

Gerry and I bought a print of this photo by Caj Bremer when we visited Ateneum in Helsinki at the beginning of the year and it made me want to find out some more about Finnish photography.

Caj Bremer

Caj Bremer is a big name in Finnish photojournalism. I love the shot of people waltzing on the streets of Helsinki.

Ismo Hölttö

Ismo Hölttö is another famous Finnish documentary photographer. He shot most of his work between 1962 and 1971 when he was working as a goldsmith.

Elina Brotherus

Elina Brotherus’s name comes up quickly if you google Finnish photographers. A lot of her work are self-portraits.

Susanna Majuri

Susanna Majuri is part of the Helsinki school. Water seems to be a major theme in her work. I love the red dress against the grey murky water in this one.

Annie Leppälä

Annie Leppälä‘s work is mysterious and surreal in a twisted fairy-tale sort of way.

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